Progressive Amenities…
that’s the J-HAP Advantage

J-HAP’s progressive amenities enable individuals to successfully transition to independent living, access the broader community, foster independence and self-reliance, and receive guidance to live a healthy lifestyle.

Learn About Cornerstone Creek

We offer guidance and encouragement to individuals by giving them the resources to understand their choice of housing options and the myriad of opportunities to live a full, enriched life.

By taking advantage of the amenities offered at Cornerstone Creek, tenants develop skills for living independently, gain self-assurance and confidence.

“My daughter has become more independent. She loves making her own choices and feels pride in taking care of her own home.”

–Lori F.

24-hour Front Desk Liaison

Knowing someone is stationed at the front desk 24/7 contributes to a tenant’s feeling of well-being in their apartment. Without this, many individuals living at Cornerstone Creek would be unable to live independently. Our Front Desk Liaison is always there to greet tenants and visitors. They also monitor building security and if needed, place the first call for help by contacting those named on a tenant’s emergency plan.

Tenant and Family Coordination

Ensure that each newcomer enjoys a smooth transition into life at Cornerstone Creek. Families participate in welcome sessions to review the tenant’s person-centered plan to make sure adequate personal supports are in place. We hold skill-building workshops to help tenants develop their independence. Workshops may include kitchen safety, cooking, use of technology, accessing transportation and developing positive social interaction.

Tenant Community Engagement

We make it easy for tenants to participate in the larger community via the many options available for a variety of interests. J-HAP is forging partnerships with local event venues, sports teams, cultural organizations, educational programs and vocational-based programs to broaden our offering of community-based activities.

Supplemental Health and Wellness

Cornerstone Creek’s state-of-the-art fitness studio allows tenants to work out whenever the spirit moves them. Before having access to the fitness equipment, they receive individual instruction on the proper use of the machines. Exercise and yoga classes are scheduled, and our outdoor area features walking paths and green space for sports and games.


By donating to J-HAP, you will help answer the question:

“Who will care for my loved one when I am no longer able?”