“Parents of children with special needs continually ponder, “What will happen to my child as I age and when I pass on?” J-HAP answers that daunting question with plans for a vibrant and comprehensive living environment. Adults with special needs will gain more independence among their peers enveloped by the broader community.”

Merry M. Eisenstadt Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Rockville, MD

“J-HAP is taking a common sense approach to what many individuals with developmental disabilities really need. i see the true picture of a life for people with dd that really does create inclusion, not more isolation. A time gap has finally been bridged, after 20-30 years too long. What J-HAP is undertaking is miraculous.”

Penny Henderson Disabilities Advocate

“As a parent I know that nothing is more important than knowing that your child is living the kind of life they want for themselves. As a professional I know that J-HAP will address those needs to ensure they can live the life of their choosing!”

Shelly Christensen Manager, Jewish Community Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities Minneapolis, MN

“To live independently in housing with common areas where people can meet and socialize, and participate in activities together, if we so choose, would provide me with the opportunity to celebrate my individuality and be part of a community.”

Sharon P. Minneapolis, MN

“Sixty-one years ago my brother was born with Down Syndrome. I often think how wonderful is would have been for Neil to live in a place like Cornerstone Creek. He would have loved the social opportunities, the Jewish environment, and being a part of a larger community. Our family would have loved the peace of mind knowing he was safe, secure, and living a full, enriched life”

Bruce Gershman Minneapolis, MN