Every breakthrough in our society, whether small or large, begins with someone willing to imagine a better way, a different outcome, or picture themselves in another person’s shoes.

Now, imagine a friend, family member, co-worker, or acquaintance who has a child with a developmental disability. When their child turns 18, they may not be able to pursue post-secondary education or careers that will lead to self-sufficiency. Instead, they often re- main at home and continue to be supported by their parents. Today, that describes the situation of 75% of adults with developmental disabilities.

This delicate balance is soon to be disrupted as the current generation of individuals with developmental disabilities will be the first to out-live their parents. As such, a good portion of the 75% living at home will need alternative housing in the near future.

At J-HAP, we are imagining a solution close to home. A solution that provides an independent, affordable, and service-enriched environment for residents and peace of mind for parents like to me to know that our children will continue to be safe and happy after we are no longer able to care for them.

Please imagine with us and join J-HAP in creating the first individualized, vibrant, and barrier-free residence in Minnesota. A residence offering social, educational, recreational, vocational and spiritual opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

Linda Bialick