Based on research conducted in the Minneapolis Jewish community, concerns shared by parents of adult children with disabilities included:

  • fear of their child’s isolation
  • the need for a safe and secure place to live
  • on-going connections to a greater community
  • guidance and support for successful daily living
  • opportunities to practice a Jewish lifestyle.

Further national research-based data collection supports the need for J-HAP showing:

  • 8% of any given population are individuals, 18+ years old, with a cognitive-based disability*
  • 72% live with a parent or relative, compared to only 20% of their non-disabled peers*
  • In the Twin Cities, it is estimated that of the 2.8 million residents, approximately 130,000 are young adults, ages 18-54 with cognitive-based disabilities.
  • Of the Twin Cities residents, ages 18-54, with cognitive-based disabilities, approximately 2,200 are Jewish, approximately the same number of students receiving Jewish education in Minneapolis Day and Supplemental Schools.**

Given the research and demonstrated need,  J-HAP plans to open in three distinct phases, with planned, controlled growth, serving 20 clients, or less than 1% of the available demographic, during the first year.  In five years, at capacity, J-HAP plans to serve 200 clients, or less than 10% of the Twin Cities target population.

*University of MN, Institute of Community Integration, June 2001
** Metropolitan Council Study, 2008 & Twin Cities Jewish Population Study, 2004

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