A new lease on life for adults with developmental disabilities

It wasn’t long ago that adults with developmental disabilities had few options, living in settings with limited choices and little autonomy.
J-HAP (Jewish Housing and Programming) has changed all that.

J-HAP was formed to serve the life-long needs of adults with developmental disabilities. The only program of its kind in Minnesota, J-HAP provides much more than housing. We offer a way of life with an array of progressive amenities that allow individuals to live independently, increase self-esteem and thrive within a Jewish community that is open to all.


“Who will care for my loved one when I am no longer able?”

The seeds for J-HAP were planted when a group of parents of young adults with developmental disabilities gathered to share their mutual concern. They wanted to ensure that their child’s future would include independent, safe and secure housing, and an abundance of social, educational, recreational, and spiritual opportunities. The concept began to take shape and extensive research demonstrated the need. J-HAP was incorporated in 2010.

Several years of intense planning and seeking funds resulted in the development of Cornerstone Creek, a state-of-the art affordable apartment building in Golden Valley, Minnesota. “This project is a prime example of what can be achieved when government funding meets private philanthropy,” says Linda Bialick, J-HAP’s founder.

A Model for Independent Living

Cornerstone Creek welcomed its first tenants in January 2017; within six months all units were leased. We’re excited to have created a model that can be replicated anywhere in the country.

J-HAP’s Progressive Amenities

What makes this project unique is our safety net of amenities which allows individuals with developmental disabilities to live independently.

J-HAP provides to tenants and families, at no charge:
  • Tenant Community Engagement, paving the way to connect with the broader community
  • 24-hour front desk liason to ensure implementation of each tenant’s Emergency Plan
  • Guidance and encouragement to ensure a successful transition into independent living
  • Parent education
  • Tenant-inspired programming
  • Health and Wellness – guidance for a healthy lifestyle